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October 7, 2009
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Team 13: All Grown Up by Ymris Team 13: All Grown Up by Ymris
Umino Iruka, Gekkou Hayate, and Uchiha Itachi from the anime/manga Naruto.

In my fanfiction [link] , these three made up the Genin cell of 'Team 13,' and here they are all grown up. Iruka and his summoned octopus, Hayate and his beloved sword, and Itachi with his cat summons and tonfa at his back.

Their stats are hard to read. Sorry. >.> This was originally drawn in my 11x14 drawing pad. Scanning it in and resizing it sadly lost a lot of the original detail. Hope you like it anyway!

Inkpen and coloured pencil, circa July 1, 2009.
otahotian Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
again, really nice :) maybe you made them little bit too thin,but i am not one to talk :D i love their expressions, Iruka looks dangerous and its kinda refreshing, after all the innocent-lovely-sensei fics. :) aw, again, where did you lost poor Shiranui? :)
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